A New Silver Takes Off

Silver’s new ATR aircraft will replace our SAAB fleet starting this year and continuing through 2018.

The ATR 600 series embodies today’s most advanced regional aircraft, with new avionics, powerful engines, and enhanced, state-of-the-art cockpit technology that ensure safe, quick and relaxed travel to your destination.

Silver’s investment in these brand-new aircraft supports our commitment to our passengers, and reflects consumers’ desire to depart and arrive on time, and to travel in comfort.

Main Benefits


In case you missed it, Silver’s new ATR 600s are new. That “new plane smell”? Yes!

Silver ATR OnTarmac

ATR will be replacing our current fleet of Saab 340s, which were last produced in 1998.


The new ATRs are rolling off the assembly lines now. That’s right – brand new! Maintenance will be routine, not reconstructive, translating to fewer delays to fix issues. We put safety first, and now it will be easier and faster to do so!


Our new fleet is designed and built in France and Italy. Search no farther for two of the best centers of design and high-end performance manufacturing. Just say Bugatti and Maserati, and you’ll get our point.


ATR is focused 100% on planes for regional airlines like Silver. With structures built with up to 20% composite materials, they are fuel efficient and green.

Silver ATR Cockpit Detail

ATRs are extremely reliable, with 30 million flight hours as of July, 2017. Every 8 seconds, an ATR takes off or lands somewhere in the world. ATRs are the best-selling regional aircraft. And now, they’re coming to Silver!


The new ATRs will have 46 seats, 12 more than our retiring Saabs. That’s quite a few more friends who can join you – maybe enough for an entire wedding party. The seats will have more legroom, too, with up to 33 inches of pitch, three inches more than the Saabs.


Are you above average height? The ATRs have 6’3” of headroom down the aisle. That means less stooping. And, they feature 101” of cabin width, 16” greater than the Saabs. Ahh, a little more elbow room, and more space for your carry ons, too.

Silver ATR

Want to get there in a hurry? The ATRs cruise at 345 mph, much faster than the Saabs, and more fuel efficiently, too. With special engine boosters, the ATRs make short work of shorter runways, too, an important benefit when flying to smaller islands in the Bahamas.

Silver ATR

With a full-load range of about 700 miles, the ATRs easily reach all of Silver’s destinations, and then some.

ATR42-Frontal view