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Don't miss to save up to $18* off round trips!

Yummy savings for travel through May 10

In case you missed it, Silver offers up to $18* off round trips anywhere we fly, good for travel through May 10. Enjoy a sweet treat this time of year when our spirits could use a lift. Make sure to enter promo code SUNNYSAVINGS, exclusively on SilverAirways.com.

Don’t hunt around for the best fares. Always visit SilverAirways.com first for the best, exclusive savings. Compared to third-party booking sites, you will always save when you book your travel at SilverAirways.com.

Enjoy a basket full of fun wherever your post-winter wanderlust takes you. Silver covers Florida and The Bahamas like no other airline can. But don't delay! For a limited time only, use promo code SUNNYSAVINGS to enjoy up to $18* off any round trip fare.

Use promo code


On round trips flights for up to

$18 off*

 or up to $9 off* one-way flights

To use the promo code:
  1. Select anywhere Silver Airways flies to/from the U.S. and The Bahamas.
  2. Select your dates: You must book by March 19 and at least seven days prior to your departure; your travel must be completed on or before May 10, 2018.
  3. Enter the promo code SUNNYSAVINGS all in CAPITALS.
  4. Click "Book Now".
  5. Check that the total displays the promo code discount.

* For travel on/before May 10, 2018 with a 7-day advance purchase, use Promo Code SUNNYSAVINGS entered in all capital letters, to obtain up to $9 off one-way or $18 off roundtrip. For travel within the US, nonstop published base fares are discounted by $8.37 each direction, and with additional US excise tax savings the true total savings is $9. International nonstop flights are discounted $8 one-way or $16 roundtrip. Even if the resulting base fare is $0, all taxes must still be paid. For example, Orlando to Fort Myers and Fort Lauderdale, with the discount, will have Escape price at $49.98 for travel on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, which is 15% off the published fare of $59.98. Some roundtrip connection markets may price lower. Tickets must be issued on/before March 19, 2018 11:59pm ET. Promo Code sale fares are only valid on silverairways.com and only for new tickets. Changes or cancellations to Freedom fares can be made for a $0 service charge plus any difference in fare, if applicable; or, $50 plus difference for Escape fares. Tickets purchased from Silver Airways reservation call center will cost an additional non-refundable $25 per passenger, per itinerary. To avoid this additional expense, please make your reservation at silverairways.com. Fares, routes, service charges, and schedules are subject to change without notice. Silver Airways will accept checked baggage up to 50 pounds and 62 linear inches for a non-refundable service charge, per passenger, per bag. When purchased at the time of booking on silverairways.com, bag service charges are: flights within the United States, $24.98 for first and $34.98 for second; internationally, $29.98 for first and $39.98 for second. Additional service charges apply to purchases after booking, additional pieces, or baggage exceeding size or weight limitations, and other baggage restrictions may apply. For further service charges details please visit silverairways.com. [v.2.5]