One (1) Personal item and one (1) Carry-On bag are always FREE on Silver Airways, and each passenger is allowed one (1) personal item that must easily fit under the seat or in an overhead compartment plus one (1) carry-on item. Carry-on items will have to be valet checked at the gate due to aircraft restrictions and will be returned to you at the gate upon arrival.

All checked bag service charges are charged per bag, per person, one-way. Our baggage policies are different than other airlines due to the size of our overhead bins.

Silver Airways will accept checked baggage with a maximum weight of 50 pounds (23 kg) per bag and a maximum outside dimension of 62 inches (157 cm) per bag in exchange for any applicable service charges (see Optional Services). Please be aware that certain overweight or oversize items of sporting equipment such as surfboards, scuba equipment and fishing gear may incur additional baggage service charges and items over 84 inches in length cannot be carried. Baggage service charges apply at any point where bags are checked. Service charge amounts are charged per person, per bag, one-way - see note below regarding baggage service charges when travel involves Silver and another airline.

For a trip that includes one or more connections, bags will be checked to your final destination, and the service charge will apply for checking a bag from your origin to your destination. For a trip that includes a voluntary stopover, your bags will be checked to your stopover point, where you will collect your bags. When you resume travel, you may check your bags again, subject to applicable charges from the new point of check-in to the destination.

All checked bag prices are charged per bag, per person, one-way. Baggage Service Charges paid online, through Reservations or at the airport are Non-Refundable. When paying baggage service charges online, travelers may pay for a maximum of 2 checked bags. If your baggage needs require you to check additional baggage, or baggage that is over the listed size and weight limits, please note the additional costs for overweight and oversize bags as shown in our Optional Services. Baggage service charges for overweight and/or oversize bags cannot be paid online and are collected at airport check-in as are charges for more than 2 bags. For more information, please review our Optional Services and the Contract of Carriage. When checking more than 2 items, the additional items (no more than 10 permitted) will be loaded on a standby/space available basis and handled in accordance with voluntary separation baggage rules:
When check-in requirements are not met or you have exceeded the checked baggage pieces limit (more than 2), it is possible your baggage may not arrive on your flight. If this occurs, your baggage will be sent on the next available flight with space permitting, tagged as ‘Voluntary Separation’ and when applicable, standby in addition to the standard checked baggage tag. It is the responsibility of the passenger to return to the airport for the retrieval of the impacted baggage upon notification of arrival.

When checking more than 2 items, the additional items (no more than 10 permitted) will be loaded on a standby/space available basis and handled in accordance with voluntary separation baggage rules.

Prohibited items for Carry-on Baggage:

  • Carry-on baggage may be required to be planeside valet checked prior to boarding the aircraft due to the size of the overhead bins in our aircraft. As a result, certain items are prohibited from being transported in the cargo compartment and Silver Airways requires that the following items be brought on board inside a personal item such as a backpack or purse rather than valet checked at the gate or aircraft:
    • Spare lithium batteries (for portable devices / laptops)
    • Smart Bag lithium battery packs
    • eCigarettes and vaping devices

Prohibited items for both Carry-on and Checked Baggage:

  • Please review our entire list of prohibited items in our Hazardous Materials section which includes but is not limited to:
    • Balance Gliders / Hoverboards with Lithium-ion batteries
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 7
    • Liquid nitrogen (not accepted)
    • Flammable liquids
    • See complete list
    • For more information on dangerous goods, visit the FAA's Pack Safe page.

Travelers exempt from baggage service charges:

  • Military - active duty U.S. military personnel in uniform, traveling on official business, get up to 2 complimentary checked bags per person; all other baggage service charges and rules apply for checked baggage beyond that exemption.

What happens if you arrive without your bag(s)?

After reporting a delayed bag you will be given an ID number that you can use to track your bag(s) online using the Silver Airways delayed baggage tracking system.

For travel ticketed by a Silver Airways codeshare partner or interline partner

The baggage allowance and service charges of the first carrier in the itinerary will be applicable. For travelers who purchased a full fare first class ticket, with a connecting Silver Airways flight, no bag service charges apply when checking in with Silver Airways. The United MileagePlus credit card holder and United MileagePlus® Premier member baggage service charge waiver program doesn’t apply when checking in with Silver Airways as the first operating carrier.
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