Hotel Reimbursement

We would like to offer you our most sincere apology for disrupting your travel plans.
Although we strive to provide the highest quality of service and reliability unforeseen circumstances do happen, and as a result, we may have impacted the quality of your journey.
To begin the reimbursement process please fill out the form below. 
In order for your request to be processed in a timely manner, set the type of request as "Hotel Reimbursement". Please attach all receipts to expedite the process. 

We remind you our reimbursement limits allow for $100 reimbursement per night's lodging in a domestic location and $150 reimbursement per night's lodging in The Bahamas or the Caribbean.

Reimbursement limits are in accordance with our Contract of Carriage and Customer Service Plan. Please note the DOT does not regulate reimbursement for lodging. The limits apply for all flights starting February 3, 2023.