Personal Item

Personal items must fit easily in the confines under a passenger seat or fit in an overhead compartment regardless of where the item is eventually stowed.

Examples of Personal Items include, but are not limited to a small backpack, briefcase, purses, pocketbook, handbag, or pet in carrier.

    These must measure 8"H (20 cm) x 10" W (25 cm) x 17" L (43 cm).

    The following items may be permitted on-board and do not count as Personal Items: loose clothing, hats, overcoats, crutches, canes, walker, approved medical devices, approved child restraint seat, and collapsible strollers.

    Carry On Item

    Carry on items must fit easily in our overhead compartment, if your item does not fit you will be subject to a gate check.

    Carry On items should measure no more than 9"H (22cm) x 14"W (35cm) x 22" L (55cm), including handles and wheel.

    Items include duffle bags and small roller bags that will fit in the overhead bins on our ATR-42/72 aircraft.

    Please familiarize yourself with our Prohibited Items that are not allowed on our flights. For more information on dangerous goods, visit the FAA's Pack Safe page.

    Checked Baggage

    Changes to bag allowances and fees have been updated as of March 5th, 2024.
    Silver Airways will accept checked baggage with a maximum weight of 50 pounds (23 kg) per bag and a maximum outside dimension of 62 inches (157 cm) per bag.

    When check-in requirements are not met or you have exceeded the checked baggage pieces limit (more than 2), it is possible your baggage may not arrive on your flight. If this occurs, your baggage will be sent on the next available flight with space permitting, tagged as ‘Voluntary Separation’ and when applicable, standby in addition to the standard checked baggage tag. It is the responsibility of the passenger to return to the airport for the retrieval of the impacted baggage upon notification of arrival.

    For a trip that includes one or more connections, bags will be checked to your final destination, and the service charge will apply for checking a bag from your origin to your destination.

    If you desire to add additional checked baggage please refer to the chart below for the fees per route. 

    1st Checked Bag*
    $5 more at the airport
    2nd Checked Bag*
    $5 more at the airport


    For domestic travel within the continental U.S. and for travel to/from the U.S. Virgin Islands:






    For international travel between the continental U.S., the Bahamas and for travel in the Caribbean:




    *Baggage Service fees are non-refundable and can be paid online at time of booking or at the airport. When paying baggage service charges online, travelers may pay for a maximum of 2 checked bags. All checked bag prices are charged per bag weighing up to 50 lbs/23 kg each with a maximum dimension of 62 linear inches/157 linear cm, per person, one-way. All baggage prepaid online will be weighed at the airport. If prepaid baggage exceeds 50 lbs/23 kg or a maximum dimension of 62 linear inches/157 linear cm, applicable oversize or overweight fees will be collected at time of check in.

    No Booking Service Fee is applied for calls made to the Reservation Center in order to add ancillary products such as Checked Baggage. 

    Active-duty U.S. military personnel get up to 2 free of charge checked bags up to 70 pounds each with a maximum dimension of 62 linear inches; all other baggage service charges and rules apply for checked baggage beyond that exemption. This allowance does not apply to the spouse or dependents of military personnel. Silver also offers a discount to active-duty personnel on their leisure travel. To receive this discount please bring your Military ID to show to the ticket counter.