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Can I pay with cash?

What happens when my flight is delayed?


Can I just turn off my phone and put it in checked baggage?

Can the phones be shipped as cargo on a plane?

Does that include Samsung Galaxy Note7 replacement devices?

How do I obtain more information?

If my Galaxy Note 7 smartphone is powered off the whole time, why can’t I bring it?

Then, how are recalled phones being returned?

What are airlines going to do?

What happens if I accidently take my phone on the plane?

What happens if I have my Samsung Galaxy Note7 with me and I refuse to hand it over?

What happens if I’m out of town and have my phone with me but have to get back?

What is the penalty for bringing a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on abroad a flight?

What’s the danger to aircraft if my Galaxy Note7 smartphone is powered off?

When does the ban go into effect?

When does the prohibition go into effect?

Who is issuing the emergency order and what does it do?

Why are all Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices banned?

Will phones be confiscated by TSA or airlines if they are found?


Are there size and weight limits for bags?

Can I bring a Balance Glider / Hoverboard on a Silver Airways flight?

Can I bring my wheelchair?

Does Silver charge a fee for checked bags?

How do I find my delayed bag?

I am a United MileagePlus credit card holder. Will my baggage fees be waived on Silver Airways flights?

I am a United MileagePlus® Premier member (i.e. Silver, Gold, Platinum, or 1K). Will my baggage fees be waived on Silver Airways flights?

I am not sure if I am traveling with any checked luggage. If I do, can I still pay for my bags at the airport?

Cars / Hotels / Packages

How can I book a car ?


Can I get a Mobile Boarding Pass?

Freedom Fares

00. What perks do I get with Freedom Fares?

01. How much notice do I have to give that I want to switch my flight?

02. If I miss my flight, can I switch to a later flight that day?

03. What if I purchase a non-refundable ticket that’s not labeled as a Freedom Fare? Can I still change my flight without incurring a Change Fee?

04. Can I only change my flight for the same day as my original flight?

05. Can I only change my flight to flights that cost the same or less than my original flight?

06. What happens if the same fare seats are unavailable on the new flight I want?

07. What if the flight I’m exchanging is valued higher than the new flight I’m interested in taking?

08. Can I exchange my flights to a different origin / destination pair?

09. What happens if I have to cancel my trip?

10. What happens with purchased Bags if I exchange my ticket?

11. I cancelled my trip and I was given a credit in Travel Bank. How do I use it?

12. Is there an option or a fee that allows me to switch my flight multiple times?

13. I purchased Travel Insurance with my flight, does my flight insurance get transferred over to my new flight?

14. What are the Free Seats I can choose when I purchase a Freedom Fare?

Frequent flyers

Can I earn frequent flyer miles when I fly on Silver Airways?

How do I join the frequent flyer program?


Can I use my portable electronic device (PED) onboard?

How much more room do I get with a Select seat?

Refund Protection

How will the refund be issued to me?

Is Refund Protection only available for roundtrip fares?

May I email my cancellation?

What about baggage fees I have paid at boarding – are they covered, too?

What’s the deadline for cancelling so I get the refund?

Where do I call to cancel and receive my refund?


Can I reserve a seat online after I book?

Can I still book my reservations with United?

Can I still make a reservation for flights operated by Silver in the Atlanta and Cleveland network cities?

How can I change or cancel my reservation online?

How do I make a booking for an unaccompanied child?

How do I make a reservation online?

I booked my reservation with a travel agency or online travel agency (e.g. Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity). Why was my reservation changed?

I booked my reservation with United. Why was my reservation changed?

What are there US requirements to fly to Cuba set by the Dept. of Transportation?

What happens if the flight I change to is cancelled?

What if I made a reservation to/from a city where service is being discontinued?

Who can I contact to re-confirm my reservations or if I have additional questions?

Sales and Email

How do I change my email preferences for your weekly sales emails?

Travel Bank

What is Travel Bank?

Travel Insurance

Does Silver offer Travel Insurance?